We are an investment holding company enhancing and strengthening the health care systems’ responsiveness to patients’ needs by harnessing the power of the crowd.

Our company is rooted in a desire to incorporate technological innovations and resources to empower patients’ experience. With growing needs arising from this field, Crowd Venture has developed a strategic investment plan to achieve the goal of improving health care systems’ performance and created a comprehensive portfolio which encompasses a wide range of health-related initiatives.

A transparent tool for international medical tourism, an innovative platform to promote emerging initiatives and projects through crowdfunding and collective cooperation, a new digital and flexible model of learning and teaching medicine, a portal with prepayment analytic systems to reduce fraudulent medical claims, a recruiting  assessment tool tailored to the health sector, innovations in gaming and application-based technology to improve health behaviors, and incorporation of digital technologies to improve the quality of diagnosis at a distance are only some of the initiatives that Crowd Venture has recently carried out.