Health Academy Online


Health Academy Online is a new digital and flexible model of learning and teaching medicine. This e-learning website provides dynamic and appealing tools for teachers, students and companies that are interested in the health care field.

Health Academy Online´s main goal is to create a public and cutting-edge portal for video e-learning where teachers and students can interact with original material on healthcare topics. In order to address this goal, HAO develops essential tools that help professionals to teach and learn quality courses through a platform that brings the latest tools in teaching, training and learning techniques out there.

HAO Target Audience


Learning on the Health Academy Online platform allows students to rapidly achieve key learning objectives: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. After reaching those outcomes Health Academy Online certifies each skill through its badging system so students strengthen their own résumé, and apply certified knowledge at work constantly.

The Student at Health Academy Online will enjoy a system with access to the highest quality and most modern healthcare focused courses, accessed through eLearning across different geographical, political, socio-economic and cultural boundaries.

One the main principle this platform has is “Learn by sharing”. It involves students to interact and build knowledge with each other into a process of creating and improving valuable thoughts for a specific topic that allows advances in knowledge for each lesson.


The Teacher at Health Academy Online can make use of an integrated mix of innovative technology and modules in order to provide a highly dynamic and flexible modality of learning. The Health Academy Online platform gives teachers cutting-edge software technologies for knowledge sharing and collaboration, supplemented by more traditional technologies such as forums, student-social networks and video integration among others.

Through a very simple and integrated shopping cart the teachers can monetize their course material and teaching experience and set the price for each course, based on an open, “app-style” portal.

Corporate (Coming Soon)

Targeted to company needs, Health Academy Online brings a modern multimedia platform, which encompasses assimilation of a multitude of media forms, to deliver its contents to its trainees in a highly usable manner.  HAO Corporate will allow small and large business to provide access to e-learning courses for all or a select group of employees, to track their results in each course and to link with existing human resource systems. In addition to User and Course registration, User Control, Badging System and Certification System Integration, Health Academy Online assists organizations in their development through the following functions:

  • It mirrors the way in which the human mind thinks, learns, and remembers.
  • HAO allows workers to take the courses at their convenience in a secure, integrated platform.
  • HAO corporate allows large healthcare groups to use their existing material on the HAO platform, either assisted or unassisted, to develop full employee training programs.
  • HAO allows for a combination of media elements in a multimedia lesson enables trainees to learn more spontaneously and naturally.
  • Health Academy Online multimedia modules are designed to encourage non-linear thinking.

HAO Corporate offers to our partners a range of exclusive features where their employees or students can independently log into an own interface to access specific certificate courses with a single and unique user integration into a private and secure environment.

HAO corporate packages offer to our partners:

  • Personalized users registration
  • Creation of personalized courses based on content provided by client
  • HAO’s team complete ownership on creating and personalizing client video lessons for the course
  • Personalized HAO’s instance page branded with client’s corporate information (logo, colors, etc)
  • 3 template options to choose
  • Training and support
  • Dashboard and reporting

Main Components of HAO

HAO develops essential tools that help professionals to teach and learn quality courses through a platform that brings the latest tools in teaching, training and learning techniques out there:

  • Video Creation and Video Management
  • Built-in Learner Registration
  • Built-in, Real-time Learner Reports
  • Automated Student Tracking and Badging (Coming soon)
  • eCommerce Functionality and Built-in Shopping Cart
  • PowerPoint and PDF files to create corporate course/training presentations
  • Built-in e-Learning Course Creation Tools
  • Dashboard integration for Students, Teachers and Corporate

The Dashboards at Health Academy Online are designed to provide a better overview on students’ progress, assignments, attendance, login/logoff information, performance, certificate generation and so, build to track every digital finger print every user leave at HAO’s platform.




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