Medagrams is an extraordinary visual and intuitive platform that bridges the gap between the patient and the physician. A person uploads a few photos and receive rapid diagnosis without the need to go to a health center.

The lack of access to medicine services in distant and rural areas can be disruptive and, above all, risky. There are certain health care needs that must be responded to.  Thus, Medagrams offers a streamlined diagnostic platform which serves as a new mean of communication between people suffering an illness and knowledge on medicine. It will also help promote, encourage and spread health care knowledge.

Diagnosis at a Distance 

The following section provides an overview of the process to receive a diagnosis. It encompasses the following steps:

User creation and form filling

The patient registers or signs in to Medagrams by providing their e-mail address, which will be used for future communication.

A form is completed where each patient is asked general question including sex, birth and year as well as a specific number of questions. In order to keep this form as anonymous as possible, especially with regard to people with STD’s who are embarrassed to reveal their names, the form can contain mandatory fields to be completed to provide important information for the treating medical staff, and optional fields which will not represent any obstacle to the medical diagnosis if they are not completed by the patient.

The patient completes a second form where each patient is asked to give more information about the medical problem that they consider essential to a better understanding of the medical problem. It includes information that was not covered through the questionnaire that they had to complete in the first place.

Photo sharing and uploading

Once the forms are filled in, the patient uploads at least three pictures of patient’s body part where disease or medical problem occurs. To facilitate this step, a system is implemented to guarantee that the required pictures are of a certain and adequate dimension and size.

As soon as questionnaires and pictures are submitted and received by the operator, the patient will receive a notification via email that their case has been received and will be worked on.


In order for the patient to have access to their diagnosis, they will have to complete the payment section where information regarding diagnosis cost is included.

Reception of diagnosis

After the patient makes the payment, they receive their diagnosis with all relevant information and suggested treatment. The diagnosis will be sent via e-mail.



Crowdsourcing of Physicians

To address the goal of furnishing a quick and accurate diagnostic service, we harness the wisdom of crowds to help solve patients’ medical problems.

Once the user has submitted their case with the corresponding images and medical information, a crowd of registered physicians is invited to participate. Thus, the medical case is studied by a number of practitioners, each of whom will reach an individual diagnosis and share it with the rest to arrive at a consensus.

What are the advantages of reaching a diagnosis through crowd sourcing?

Medigram believes that this work methodology encourages accurate and expeditious solutions due to the fact that multiple physicians share their knowledge and insights on a very specific problem. Therefore, it can be said that patients receive a sort of second diagnostic opinion built into a first opinion.


Benefits of Medagrams

The use of Medagrams will offer several valuable benefits:

  •   Increases the accessibility to diagnosis and treatments
  •   Improves the quality, efficiency and continuity of healthcare to patients
  •   Increases the focus on preventive medicine through early treatment
  •   Leads to a rapid response time
  •   Enables the patient´s remote monitoring
  •   Reduces the time needed for diagnosis extraction and patient treatment
  •   Provides services to remote areas
  •   Promote the education and training for medical stuff and citizens, and improves medical knowledge

The mission of Medagrams is to help eliminate distance barriers and improve access to medical services that would often be inconsistently available in distant rural communities.



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