• Bestdoc.App


Our BestDoc.app platform development, aims to put healthcare network in the palm of the patientshand, providing them with a simplified, integrated platform to solve their healthcare needs at an affordable cost. Ventures will achieve this through:

  • Creating a platform for patients to chat, video or book a physical consult with their physicians
  • Providing physicians with an affordable online platform to manage patients, generate additional revenue and improve practice efficiency
  • Allowing doctors and patients to have a unified electronic health record (EHR) where patients and providers can view a patient’s medical history; and Reducing unnecessary visits to doctors and hospital reducing costs in the health system
  • Best Doc is a HIPAA compliant platform that provides patients and providers with a simple, modern solution to fit all online healthcare needs.


    The platform provides:

      • Encrypted messaging between patient and provider
      • Messaging between providers and pharmacies or diagnostic providers.
      • EHR and patient portal
      • Web-based hosting for providers to eliminate hassle and get your practice online.
      • Comprehensive list of health trackers to create custom chronic care plans
      • Customizable consultation timings for video sessions to help manage time effectively
      • Suitable currency, payment gateway service, cost for each health service and service tax charges.


    Advantages for our members:


      • Healthcare access on their terms: on-demand or scheduled
      • Find physicians online
      • Book appointments online
      • Patient portal
      • Affordable per visit fee
      • Convenient: 24/7, at work, home, or on-the-go
      • Access to local and international physician network

    Advantages for Our Clients


      • Improved employee productivity
      • Fixed monthly membership
      • Online chat and video consult
      • Integration of wellness and monitoring plans
      • Access to second opinions


    Advantages for our providers


      • EHR for integrated patient management
      • Additional revenue through chat and video consult
      • E-prescribing
      • Patient follow-up remotely
      • Simple billing and reimbursement

    The Crowd Ventures business model makes it possible for the implementation of the platform and its services to be borderless and the necessary resources to create sustainability scenarios for our partners.