• Bestdoc Providers


BestDoc Providers is a complete tool for healthcare providers supporting patient engagement and practice management. This mobile app enables al health care providers to manage their patients and practice wherever whenever they are. The app is free to download and use and exchange information with BestDoc.app for patients and providers to be in touch

Manage your time more effectively, improve patient health outcomes with personalized and earn more revenue.


Patient Engagement

    • Video Consultations: Support your patients in scheduling and paying for telemedicine consultations through BestDoc provider mobile application. Ideal for patient follow-ups.
    • Remote Patient Monitoring: Improve health outcomes by remotely monitoring your patients on personalized healthcare plans. Ideal for patients needing chronic care management or after hospital stays.
    • Text-based consultations: A convenient way to answer patient queries and provide second opinions.


Patient Health Record


    • View details of their medications, health conditions, health trackers, medical test reports, allergies, surgeries & procedures, vaccinations and goals. Your patients can also access their own records through your BestDoc providers mobile application.

Practice Management


    • Appointments: Efficiently manage your time by displaying your consultation timings. Confirm, reschedule or cancel appointments using the app. Your patients will receive SMS and email reminders about upcoming visits to prevent no-shows.
    • Billing: Set up your services, invoice patients and accept patient payments through your BestDoc providers mobile application.
    • Notes & Prescriptions: Add clinical notes and prescriptions.


Presence Management


    • Patient Portal: The BestDoc providers mobile application comes with an integrated Patient Portal can be hosted on your own domain address. Publish information about your team, services and timings.
    • Patient Education: The Health Blog in the BestDoc providers mobile application allows you to publish health articles and tips to educate your own patients.
    • Go to https://bestdoc.app to sign up in your BestDoc Providers Application

The Crowd Ventures business model makes it possible for the implementation of the platform and its services to be borderless and the necessary resources to create sustainability scenarios for our partners.