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Purchasing Health
Purchasing Health

Purchasing Health platform aims to offer healthcare consumers the possibility of shopping and saving money on medical procedures regardless of their type of insurance. The idea has stemmed from the price disparities that exist in the hospital billing system and the inability to explain, even to experts, why some procedures cost 20 to 40 times as much at different facilities. With Purchasing Health, healthcare consumers will be able to access to medical facilities locations, estimated costs and quality performance information to achieve two main goals: find the most affordable and highest quality care.

In order to address this goal, Purchasing Health is nourished by Best Hospital Advisor, a website created to allow patients to share their health care service experiences and rate the hospital overall. All these essential tools will definitely give patients the confidence to make the best choice among many alternatives.

Cost Benchmarking

Since our mission is to expand healthcare consumers´ choices whether they have health insurance or are uninsured, Purchasing Health provides comparative pricing information extracted from a comprehensive database that encompasses top procedures and hospitals in US though it will cover worldwide information in the future.


How do consumers find the most-affordable price?

Purchasing Health furnishes a Search tool where the user is allowed to type the term related to the procedure or service and narrow the results by applying a number of filters such as location, price range and quality performance. Once the user has customized the search results they will have access to a list of hospitals and facilities where the medical procedure or service is provided. The list will comprise contact information of each facility and an estimated price including the most expensive to the least expensive service. Thus users will have the possibility of choosing the procedure according to their available budget.

Quality Performance Comparison

Even though users may arrive at a decision taking into consideration the price factor there is another crucial variable when choosing the right service provider. Purchasing Health furnishes information regarding quality performance and patients´ satisfaction extracted, through web service, from Best Hospital Advisor site. By doing so, patients help other patients in their decision to choose a hospital that is right for them by providing information on their own experiences


How do Purchasing Health integrate with Best Hospital Advisor?

Purchasing Health will harness a cross-reference process to integrate pricing data and quality performance information, the latter provided by Best Hospital Advisor source. Thus, a user will have access to pricing details combined with qualitative information provided by other patients who have already made use of the service.  Thanks to BHA, Purchasing Health will also add information related to top rated, most reviewed and most popular facilities and services.

For more information about Best Hospital Advisor, visit http://www.besthospitaladvisor.com/

Why Choosing Purchasing Health is smart

Purchasing Health, together with Best Hospital Advisor, offers a centralized and trusted source of consumer information about international healthcare travel. Our goal is to build largest directory of procedures and facilities around the world to assist those who have health insurance or are uninsured in the arduous and time-consuming task of choosing the most affordable and highest quality care.



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